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Thursday, November 30, 2023. Local time: 1:56:21 AM.

'labdb' Online Database Package


labdb is an advanced database-driven web software package to manage biological and chemical resources in a laboratory. It has been written in PHP language and relies on MySQL relational database system.

labdb is a modular program consisting of a standalone engine (i.e., core package) and modules/plugins. The core package is needed to run the modules. Each module enables management of a unique resource and can be added (or removed) easily without affecting the rest of the system.

Six modules are currently available. These are staffdb (for personnel details), wormdb (for nematode/worm strains), plasmiddb (for plasmids/fosmids/DNA constructs etc.), oligodb (for oligos/primers), chemdb (for chemicals), and refdb (for references/publications). Additional modules, such as microdb (for microbial cultures) and celldb (for cell lines), are planned in the future.

labdb has been developed and maintained by Gupta Lab (McMaster University). It is available for use in research labs. Please contact by email (admin@labdb.net) for more information. 


Contents last updated on July 26, 2022

labdb-0.9.9 (2022). Maintained by Gupta Lab.